Prenatal Support


I always recommend interviewing several doulas to make sure you find the perfect match for you. 

-Jillian Camisasca-Lopina (President of Tampa Bay Birth Network & Doula/Photographer of Secondhand Exposure Photography)

-Buddha Belly (doulas for your growing family)  


Sciatica pain? Experiencing nausea? Having migraines? Want to reduce your labor time? Both Dr. Erica and Dr. Oleston are Webster certified.  I personally have gone to both and had clients have wonderful experiences with both of these providers as well.  Even if you aren’t normally under the care of a chiropractor, I encourage all my doula clients to go towards the end of their pregnancy for optimal fetal positioning.  Personally, I breathe deeper and sleep better after an adjustment.

-Chiropractic & Wellness Care Dr. Erica D. Lopez
-Oleston Chiropractic Dr. Carrie Oleston 


Morning sickness? Headaches? Having trouble sleeping? Breech baby?  Acupuncture is a healing art that originated in China that helps balance your yin and yang.  Practitioners use tiny needles inserted into your skin at points along your meridians that help restore balance and health.  Personally, a session of acupuncture feels like a cup of coffee + therapy + a really good nap! 

-Seminole Heights Acupuncture (sliding scale- community based) 

-Oleston Chiropractic 

-Thank You Mama (acupuncture & massage!) 


Practicing yoga is one of the best ways to keep your body feeling healthy & prep yourself for labor.  Squats aka Goddess Pose is one of the most essential poses that can be used in labor.  Try out any of these studios listed below.  Most teachers will be able to modify poses for you even if it’s not a specified prenatal yoga class.  Two of my recent clients who both regularly practiced yoga throughout their pregnancy, made breathing through labor look easy.  The slow breathing came naturally to them and I think their babies appreciated it too! 

-Jai Dee in Seminole Heights 

-Sattva Yoga Studios in Seminole Heights (offers a specific prenatal class)

-Yoga Village on Daniel St in Clearwater 

-Curtis Hixon Sunday night yoga in the park (donation based) 

-Red Tent Collective (craniosacral therapy, yoga, & birth related events) 


A wonderful birthing option for low-risk moms. I can vouch for these three birth centers.  Each have birthing tubs and serene environments.  Some even have outside nature areas you can walk around in during labor.

-Breath of Life (Largo, FL led by CNMs, nationally accredited) 

-Labor of Love (Lutz, FL led by CPMs) 

-St. Pete Birth Center (St. Pete, FL led by CPMs) 


Midwives have been caring for women for centuries and are formally trained.  They work together with physicians and provide personalized care to women in all stages of life. Here’s a great article that clears up some misconceptions about midwives…

-Tampa General Hospital 

       Women’s Health Care (at Florida Hospital Tampa too) 

       USF Health

-Bayfront Baby Place

      Absolute Health & Wellness 

-Breath of Life

-Labor of Love

-Jessica Willoughby & Mary Catherine Hamelin 

-Marianne Powers

-Katie Miller

-April Williams

-Cassie Largaespada


I have been a part of beautiful VBAC births.  There are amazing resources out there for moms interested in learning more about this option.  For some- a cesarean is necessary but if it isn’t, start by going to an ICAN meeting (link below).

-International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN)


Essential oils play a role in my everyday life.  There are oils you can use to help nausea during pregnancy, oils to reduce tearing/bleeding during labor, and oils to help you relax & enjoy your postpartum.  Essential oils have made a drastic difference in my clients lives that I can really testify for them.

Young Living 1594557

DoTerra 3597599 

*Feel free to use my number when signing up.


If you’re looking for maternity, newborn, or birth photography look no further! These ladies are amazing and friends of mine.

-Jillian Camisca-Lopina with Secondhand Exposure Photography (maternity, birth, newborn)

-Lee Anne Roquemore with Petal & Vine Photography (maternity, birth, newborn)  

-Patricia Cannon with Sweet Plum Photography (maternity, birth, newborn) 

-Michele Dye with Blondeshell Studios (maternity & newborn)