Postpartum Support

LACTATION mama-jac

I can’t emphasize enough how important and amazing lactation support can be for a mom.  It can feel isolating breastfeeding all day long, especially if you’re struggling with latch issues.  Please check out these sites and attend a local La Leche League meeting.

-Sweet Songs Breastfeeding (clinical & compassionate care for everyone) 

-Crunch Parenting (a natural parenting store with lactation meet up groups) 

-4th Trimester (owner of Crunch Parenting’s lactation business)  

-Cradle Lactation (lactation & education resource)  

-Kellymom (breastfeeding & parenting support)  

-La Leche League (meetings & education) 

-Lactmed (breastfeeding & safe medications) 


There are so many questions that go through a new moms brain regarding pediatricians.  From vaccinating, to delay vaccination, to vitamin D drops, to infant probiotics, to common cold remedies these pediatricians are available to help you and listen to your concerns.

-Wholistic Pediatrics & Family Care Dr. David Berger (Carrollwood) 

-Sunshine Pediatrics Dr. Payal Patel (Lutz) 


A postpartum doula is invaluable.   My friends will tell you, I treat birth like a marathon.  A good rule of thumb is to stay in bed for a solid week with your baby.  A new mom needs space to get to know her new baby.  Allow friends and family to cater to you and hire a doula if possible.  If you can’t afford a postpartum doula and don’t have family close by, try freezing meals ahead of time and creating a small basket of things you might need while breastfeeding by your bed and by the couch.  The links below are great resources to understanding the 4th trimester a little better…

-Buddha Belly (doulas for your growing family)