Over the bridge to St. Pete

Hello again! It’s been awhile but I’ve just been trying to get into a new rhythm and spend as much time off the computer as possible. I am more than half way done with my doctorate at this point but am taking a short break until January to focus on my new job. My hope is to graduate with my DNP in 6/2020 and forever be done with school.

In April I started my first midwifery job in St. Petersburg with Women’s Care Florida at Absolute Health & Wellness. I found the cutest little house about 3 minutes from the office and 8 minutes from the hospital- literally a God send.

We have two offices we work out of- one on 5th Ave and one on MLK. We deliver at Bayfront Babyplace. It’s a beautiful hospital with large labor and postpartum rooms. Also easy to find- only one floor to remember- you walk in and go up the elevators to the third floor. Feels a little like home since I worked on the third floor at my old hospital for five years.

Our team is comprised of 3 OBGYNs and 5 CNMs. I honestly can say everyone has been nothing but supportive and so helpful. It’s a really wonderful group of ladies who truly care about women and each other.

If you are looking for holistic well woman preventative care, birth control counseling, have a gynecological problem you want to discuss with someone who will actually listen, or want to have evidence based, empowering prenatal/labor/postpartum care and you’re in the St. Pete area- feel free to contact me through this site or call our office. I’d be happy to answer any questions and chat with you.

If I’ve learned anything over the past few months- the words of Dr. Neel Shah have hit home more than ever…

“It is important to remember that people have goals other than simply emerging from childbirth unscathed…Safety during labor is the floor of what people deserve. What we should all really be aiming for is the ceiling: care that is not just safe, but also supportive and empowering.”

Hope everyone had a lovely summer spent with family and friends outside!


*A sprinkling of photos from the last few months*


Certified Nurse Midwife, APRN

Somehow it’s been almost a year since I’ve posted. It was a full, joyful, hard, and wonderful 2018.  From April through September I had the opportunity to complete my midwifery clinicals at Breath of Life birth center and through USF at Tampa General Hospital.  Both were amazing experiences that I will never forget. I know everyone says this- but I had the BEST preceptors that have become friends.  There is not enough time or space to describe what I learned and how I grew as a person during those months.  I’ll never forget the first baby I caught in the water, or the times I had clinicals then went straight to my nursing job, or had the honor of delivering a close friends baby, to walking alongside moms in some of their darkest and most joyful times of their lives.  Midwifery school changes you in so many ways. As I am just now starting to come out of the fog of studying, I can say I don’t regret one second of continuing my education.

After 11 years of college (2007-2018!), 52 babies caught, over 800 clinical hours, passing boards, I am officially a midwife. I am now in the process of applying & interviewing for my first midwife job. I am trusting the process. Trusting that wherever I need to be will open up and knowing right now I am exactly where I need to be. I am super blessed to continue working my nursing job in the meantime.  Enjoying my finals weeks-months of working alongside some of the best coworkers in Tampa. I will miss them dearly but know I will hopefully see them as clients sooner than later 🙂

This website will continue to serve as a place moms can come for resources and encouragement. I will no longer be acting as a doula (even though I’ll forever be a doula in my heart).  And maybe one day in the future- this space will turn into my own midwifery practice.

If you’re reading this- you probably were one of the people that encouraged, prayed, sent text messages, or showed up with coffee when I needed it the most in 2018. So thank you- I appreciate every one of you! 


Wow! 9 months have gone by since I’ve posted- almost a full pregnancy- unlike most pregnancies though, the time has flown with lots of hard work and memories throughout.

Back in October I was able to attend the American Association of Birth Centers conference in Anchorage, Alaska with my best midwifery sisters.  We learned a ton, ate a delicious brunch, and hiked to the most amazing views.

The holidays were filled with work, time with family, lots of studying, and so many baby snuggles.

I have attended almost 10 more births since I last posted. Yes, the end of the year was a busy doula month for me with some of my mom’s going early and some going late.  But it all worked out and those are births I’ll never forget.  One included my best friend having an unplanned home birth to several repeat clients that rocked their second births.  Some of them I was simply a presence in the room, cheering them on.  What I have learned over the years is most of the time, mom’s just need a familiar face to hold space for them.  They do all the rest.

I am officially done with my didactic portion of my midwifery program.  I start clinicals next month and everything is becoming so real.  I have 4 shifts left at work before I go PRN during clinicals.  I love my coworkers and am thankful to call some of them my closest friends.  They know who they are- but I am very grateful for all the encouragement at 4AM in the morning when I questioned everything.

I am also officially transitioning from doula to midwife.  The last 6 years of being a doula are coming to a close and it’s incredibly bittersweet.  I have a feeling my experiences as a doula will shape everything about how I practice as a midwife.  I hope so at least.  Thank you to all the parents who trusted me enough to ask me to be at their birth.  It was truly an honor.

I am still here for placenta encapsulation and lactation services.  But for the next handful of months- my focus will be on learning the skills of midwifery and studying for boards at the end of the year.

All that to say…I love you guys and am forever grateful for all of your support! Here’s to catching your future babes and providing all your well woman care!

Sincerely, Amy