Birth Stories

My birth experience with Amy was magical to say the least. We clicked the first time we met and had a sort of unspoken bond. In our prenatal appointments we discussed my goals and desires and she helped me figure out what I wanted out of my labor & birth and how I would be able to achieve it. We also did a “practice run” with massage techniques and positioning on the birthing ball. Amy even helped me entertain my 4 year old son while we visited! When I went into labor my contractions escalated quickly- I only labored at home for an hour before it was time to go to the birthing center. I called Amy at 5 a.m. and she was immediately up and ready to go, in fact she beat me to the birth center! She immediately tended to me and we had an amazing rhythm while I was laboring. She knew where I needed her and when I needed my space without me verbalizing it. She had all the right comforting touches and was so quick on her feet. She kept me motivated, encouraged, and positive! She also put on my favorite relaxing music station so I didn’t have to mess with it. After my beautiful daughter was born she stayed to help me with nursing and getting settled in. She came and visited baby Kaleena and I when we got home and brought me a c.d. with pictures she had taken during my birth, a satchel of herbs for my peri bottle (SO AMAZING!) and even a few personal things i needed so I didn’t have to make a trip to the store. I feel like we made a friendship bond and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthing experience! Amy is amazing and even my midwives and birthing assistants said she is one of the TRULY GREAT doulas. I will love and cherish her part in my birth forever! Emily Joy and Baby Kaleena 12.2013

img_2338In America, doulas are a little bit of a foreign concept, yet personal fitness trainers, coaches, mentors and therapists are found in normal conversation. If you’re training for the Iron Man, you would probably hire a trainer, if you’re attempting a career in acting you’d need an acting coach. So suppose you’re going to have a baby…oh wait you are 🙂 so why wouldn’t you hire a doula?
I’m assuming you’re reading this because you’re contemplating hiring a doula or you’ve already decided to hire one but you’re trying to figure out who your doula should be. Well…I’m here to tell you that even if you don’t think you need a doula, you do! And Amy is one of the most genuine, selfless people I know. She is so enthusiastic about moms and babies and has such a desire to help mamas experience one of the most beautiful miracles this world has to offer – birth!

On August 11, 2015 I experienced one of those miracles myself as my husband and I welcomed our first baby into the world, with Amy by our side. Throughout my entire pregnancy and labor, she was there supporting me, encouraging me and rooting me on! I asked her more questions than I can count and together we own almost every essential oil there is. Not one single time during my labor was I worried or concerned. She anticipated my needs, kept me hydrated and stayed so calm the entire time while directing my focus back on my breath every time a contraction was too much for me.
I can’t imagine having gone through the most exhilarating and physically grueling event of my life without Amy, my doula — and best friend. Jaclyn 8.2015

In all honesty, I wasn’t sure if I would ever give birth to a baby. I hoped and believed and prayed that God would give my husband, Danny, and me the gift of a child, but after 5 years of walking through infertility and facing loss after loss after loss, I just wasn’t sure anymore. In December of 2014, I found out I was pregnant again and we were filled with unspeakable joy. There was uncertainty in my heart for sure, but we were excited and we were hopeful. For some reason, we knew this one was going to be different or maybe we just had that small little mustard seed of faith that we’re told can move mountains.  Unfortunately, I had been conditioned by those three precious lives that were lost to hold loosely to my pregnancies, to hope for the best, but not make any definitive plans. So, I read all the things…the blogs, the books, the articles and Danny and I took birthing classes at Tampa General Hospital, but things like selecting a Doula or starting on the nursery were delayed. It didn’t help that we moved when I was 8 months pregnant either! I was due August 17th and by the time that early July rolled around, I was feeling as prepared as one can be for birthing a baby, but I wanted to talk to someone in person about some of the questions I still had and I just happened to know Amy through a mutual friend. I was looking for affirmation in someone I trusted.  

I knew that Amy was a postpartum nurse, a doula and a little crunchy, which I loved! I also knew  I could trust her opinions and so I asked her to meet me during a quick lunch break at the Whole Foods cafe and she did! And if you know Amy, you know she’s a busy girl, so this was the first miracle in a series of miracles in my birth story. In our time together, she did affirm many of the things I was already planning and hoping for and she gave me some great ideas to address some issues I was facing, like referring me to an amazing Chiropractor.  Amy was so knowledgeable about the birthing process and yet she was simultaneously such a good listener. I could tell that she really loved to serve women and that she loved babies with her whole heart. A few days later, I followed a leading to ask her if there was anyway she would consider being our Doula. She told me she would pray about it and get back to me. You see she normally only schedules one or two births a month and the other birth she had scheduled for August 2015 was with her childhood best friend, Jaclyn and there was no way she was missing Landon’s birth! I highly doubted she was going to be able to accommodate me and so after a week or so, I had come to terms with the fact that it was just going to be Danny and me and the nurses and midwives during my labor and delivery.

But low and behold, I received a short email from Amy 10 days or so after we first met in the cafe at Whole Foods saying that she had prayed about it and that she was going to do her best to be at our birth if it worked out with when Jaclyn went into labor. I couldn’t believe it! Another miracle had just happened right before our eyes.  You see what I didn’t know then that I now know is that Danny and I were going to need Amy’s support in order to have a natural childbirth and that we would not have had the same incredible birth experience without her there with us providing us both with constant care and encouragement.

Amy helped usher in a miracle that our hearts had been desiring for over half of a decade. I’m most grateful to God for the birth of our healthy baby girl. But our family is also deeply thankful for Amy and for all the ways she loved and served our family with such skill and grace during our birth journey. There isn’t another soul I would rather have had present for this moment in time.  Our Harvest was born 8 days past her due date at 8:54 pm after 44 hours of labor weighing in at almost 10 lb. She is a longing fulfilled and in every way possible, our treasure. Courtney 8.2015


I first got to know Amy after the birth of my son in 2012.  I had a long, challenging labor that ended in an emergency C-section and more drama than I had anticipated.  I was really struggling in those first few months and Amy entered in with her encouraging, supportive outlook. She was the friend I needed. Amy and I become close friends over the next couple years and we joked that “if I ever had another baby” she would be there with us. I got pregnant again in the fall of 2014 and Amy rejoiced with us from the early weeks of this pregnancy. Just after the nine week mark, I had a miscarriage. I called Amy early one morning and she rushed over (after working a 12 hour shift) and stayed with me for hours as I miscarried. She grieved with me and my husband, again being the friend I needed. I got pregnant again not long after. This pregnancy was challenging. All along the way, Amy supported and encouraged me. She moved naturally between the role of close friend and doula while helping me prepare and plan for a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean). She helped educate me about chiropractic care in pregnancy and answered all the other random or embarrassing questions I had. She was supportive of whatever choices I wanted to make for this birth, yet she challenged me to be brave and not underestimate my body. One week past my due date, my labor started early in the morning. With Amy’s support, I labored at home for six hours. We made it to Tampa General Hospital just in time to welcome my daughter Hayden Elise into the world (the nurses described it as a “drive by delivery”). Amy’s knowledge and skill set as a high risk OB nurse, lactation specialist, and doula are irreplaceable. Her care was a large piece of my achieving an unmedicated vbac. She is professional, dedicated, and deeply invested in supporting women as they walk through the challenges and joys of pregnancy, labor and new motherhood. Holly 9.2015

A birth is a sacred time and as a laboring mother, I wanted to have as much privacy and solitude as desired. It was important to me for the environment to be calm, relaxing and welcoming for the new baby. Amy listened to my wishes and created an ambiance that was serene and safe. Without being intrusive, she was able to help my husband and I determine good labor positions and was very in-tune with my needs. Even with my husband’s unfailing support, Amy added an extra element of wisdom & comfort allowing us to enjoy the labor & birthing process. I felt safe when Amy was with me as she provided the highest level of care and encouragement. Amy helped make my baby’s birth story a beautiful memory! Alyssa 4.2016

I couldn’t imagine going through this monumental season in my life without Amy–she was a God-send. Her willingness to help us out at the last moment truly displayed her love for the birthing process and babies. She is sweet, gentle, knowledgeable and most importantly, calm!

Through my labor, Amy was able to talk me through everything that was going on (I didn’t take a single class!) and kept me calm as it progressed.

I can’t thank her enough for her being by my husband and my side as our sweet baby girl entered this world! Libby 6.2016

img_3927If you sit down with Amy and start talking about birth, you can tell immediately that this is what she is very passionate about.  When I found out I was pregnant there was no one else I would’ve wanted to be my doula.  Amy listened to what I envisioned for the birth of my daughter and did everything she could to help me achieve the birth I wanted.  She brought a quiet energy to my birth, and often anticipated my needs before I verbalized them (using pressure on my back, bringing me something to drink, encouragement etc).  Amy also gave tremendous support during my pregnancy and my postpartum period.  She answered questions, recommended books to read, provided breastfeeding tips and support, referred me to other services in the community that I found invaluable….etc.  She is the real deal!!

If you are looking for a knowledgeable doula to support you in your birth goals, whatever they might be, Amy is the person I would recommend. Abbie 7.2016

My husband and I just had our first child and “thankful” doesn’t capture how we feel about having Amy a part of our birth story. Amy surpassed all our expectations!

From the time we hired Amy, she would send me helpful articles and encouragement about my pregnancy and encouragement about the birth. I’m not the reader or researcher type so I asked Amy a million and one questions…she was SO patient, helpful, calming and informative. She went way above and beyond what we even expected to encourage us and support us in the birth we were hoping for!

My labor was long – like I’m talking days! And Amy stayed and never left our side. She was a huge support to me but an equally incredible support to my sweet husband who was a bit nervous to see his wife in that much pain.

We had the birth we were praying for and a major kudos goes to our sweet doula, and friend, Amy! Kaleigh 9.2016

I️ met Amy after I️ became pregnant with our second daughter Lucy. The birth of our first daughter, Charlotte, was not the natural birth I️ had hoped for. After laboring about 10 hours, an unplanned epidural (which failed), and nearly 3 hours of pushing, she was born via emergency cesarean. We were thrilled to have a healthy, beautiful baby girl, but I️ grieved over my experience. My recovery from the surgery was difficult, and breastfeeding complications followed.

When we were blessed with a second pregnancy, I️ hoped and prayed for a VBAC. I️ desperately wanted to breastfeed longer. I️ followed advise from my midwives to use a doula. Fortunately, I️ was referred to Amy, who could help me achieve both. When we met, she was immediately confident that a VBAC was possible and very likely for me. This encouragement throughout my pregnancy helped me remain positive.

When I️ went into labor with Lucy, around 11pm, contractions became strong and we called Amy to come over. My husband had the stage set for a calming environment, Amy entered our house and seamlessly made it even more comforting. With her help, I️ labored at home a couple of hours and by the time we arrived at Tampa General, it was time to push. I️ held Lucy in my arms about an hour and a half later. Amy, my husband and midwife constantly believed in me and encouraged me that I️ could do it. Many times during pushing I️ panicked and questioned whether “it was happening again”. Amy was the extra support we needed to confidently make it through. My (very nurturing) husband had his concerns that his place may be taken over; this was not the case at all. She does it with such grace.

I️ didn’t have many questions for Amy during pregnancy, but I️ really made up for it afterwards with constant texts about breastfeeding. She was always happy to answer, offer advice, researching, and pushing me to keep going. She helped us get started at the hospital and came for a couple of follow up visits as well.  After some struggling, pain, and a tongue tie procedure for Lucy, I’m happy to say she is still exclusively breastfed at 4 months. We are so thankful we met Amy, and wouldn’t hesitate to hire her if we have another baby. Amanda 7. 2017