Certified Nurse Midwife, APRN

Somehow it’s been almost a year since I’ve posted. It was a full, joyful, hard, and wonderful 2018.  From April through September I had the opportunity to complete my midwifery clinicals at Breath of Life birth center and through USF at Tampa General Hospital.  Both were amazing experiences that I will never forget. I know everyone says this- but I had the BEST preceptors that have become friends.  There is not enough time or space to describe what I learned and how I grew as a person during those months.  I’ll never forget the first baby I caught in the water, or the times I had clinicals then went straight to my nursing job, or had the honor of delivering a close friends baby, to walking alongside moms in some of their darkest and most joyful times of their lives.  Midwifery school changes you in so many ways. As I am just now starting to come out of the fog of studying, I can say I don’t regret one second of continuing my education.

After 11 years of college (2007-2018!), 52 babies caught, over 800 clinical hours, passing boards, I am officially a midwife. I am now in the process of applying & interviewing for my first midwife job. I am trusting the process. Trusting that wherever I need to be will open up and knowing right now I am exactly where I need to be. I am super blessed to continue working my nursing job in the meantime.  Enjoying my finals weeks-months of working alongside some of the best coworkers in Tampa. I will miss them dearly but know I will hopefully see them as clients sooner than later 🙂

This website will continue to serve as a place moms can come for resources and encouragement. I will no longer be acting as a doula (even though I’ll forever be a doula in my heart).  And maybe one day in the future- this space will turn into my own midwifery practice.

If you’re reading this- you probably were one of the people that encouraged, prayed, sent text messages, or showed up with coffee when I needed it the most in 2018. So thank you- I appreciate every one of you! 

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