Baby’s first bath

So when should you give your newborn their first bath?!  Well…first off, it’s up to YOU! You are the mom, you get to decide.  Remember that!

St Joseph’s Women’s Hospital waits 8 hours from the time of delivery.

Tampa General Hospital waits 24 hours from the time of delivery but you have to ask

And if you have your baby at a birth center or at home, you can decide.

Some known benefits to delaying the first bath:

  • Vernix (white cheesy substance on a new baby) contains lots of antibodies that can fight infection- some say it’s the baby’s 1st vaccine
  • Increased breastfeeding rates since your baby will most likely be doing skin to skin most of the first day
  • Helps the baby to experience lower stress
  • Helps the baby maintain its blood sugar levels easier

Personally, I would wait at least a few days to let all the vernix really sink in but that’s just me.  I’m clearly not bothered by fluids and blood, especially if it’s mine. 

This blog post is mainly a reminder that YOU are the mama! You get to decide what is best for you & your new baby.


Baby Harvest getting her 1st bath at home a few days after getting home from the hospital.  

She LOVED it! 

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