Why do you need a doula?

img_2961Cesarean rate reduced by 50%

Length of labor reduced by 25%

Epidural use reduced by 60%

Increased skin-to-skin time with infant

Improved breastfeeding

Some of the things I can provide are massage, acupressure, music, aromatherapy, help with relaxation and visualization, advice on optimal fetal positioning, suggestions for labor positioning, hot/cold packs, assistance with staying hydrated and nourished, Rebozo techniques and help with backache relief measures.

As your doula I can’t make decisions for you, but can equip you with the education and encouragement to advocate for yourself. As a nurse and student midwife, I am extremely comfortable in the birth setting and can help put you at ease. During our prenatal visits we can talk about your fears and questions, and I’m always available via the phone. Sometimes during birth things come up that we haven’t discussed and I always encourage moms to say to the provider “hey can you give my birth team and I five minutes and we will get back with you.” This way we can regroup and decide how to proceed.


Photo credits | Mary Catherine Hamelin  Michele Dye 

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